Thursday, February 15, 2007

Gay Men's Chorus of Washington

After 25 Years, Gay Men's Chorus Affirms Its Name - [Excerpts]
By Adriane Quinlan - Washington Post Staff Writer - Monday, June 26, 2006; C05

Too often, a technically precise chorus pays the price for feeling overpracticed -- its singers become walking mechanical instruments programmed to hit a perfect pitch. Yesterday, however, the Gay Men's Chorus felt every note, dipping into breathy falsetto for such heart-stopping numbers as " 'Til There Was You" from "The Music Man," and climbing back out with a boisterous, huffy tone for such show tunes as "Will He Like Me" from "She Loves Me," which showcased soloists who managed to hit every note and still act out the song's rattling, nervous energy.

When [Barbara] Cook finally entered, her black shift swirling like a storm as she snaked the microphone from hand to hand, she racked up a solid minute of applause by observing, simply, "Myyyyyyy, these guys sing so good."

What the chorus gives to its audience is one part heartfelt musical performance, one part giddy family reunion. Cook welcomed a standing ovation with an open-arms air hug. It was a love-in. At intermission, alumni yelled across the lobby's red carpet to men they hadn't seen in years.

On this day, the audience celebrated not only how the chorus sounded, but also that it exists at all.

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