Sunday, December 15, 2002

Naked Boys Singing!

Naked Boys Singing! - from Metro Weekly
Built around original musical theatre compositions from various contributors, the show opens with a rousing number -- মbsp;?a "Comedy Tonight" -- called "Gratuitous Nudity" that showcases the cast in its collective vocal prowess and full flesh-baring glory. From there, Matty Boyd, Matt Conner, William Cook, Adam Elliot, Alexander George, Garrett Hurd, Dallas Miller, Britton Saffer and Chuck Walker move briskly through a series of solo and group configurations to celebrate and reflect on what it means to be male, naked and, generally speaking, gay.

Conner's comedic skills serve NBS! much better in the cleverly staged "Hey, Mr. Ashcroft" -- a new, tailor-made-for-D.C. composition -- as he bewails his fate as a censored statue that has offended the ?onservative Attorney General. Equally amusing are "Jack's Song" (how many things can you rhyme with the phrase, "I beat my meat?") and "Members Only," a chorale-like tribute to all the words for willies you can imagine.

If Naked Boys Singing! sounds even remotely like your cup of tea, it's bound to please. And if not, I say give it a try just for the hell of it. After all, is ninety minutes in a room full of naked men ever really time wasted?

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