Wednesday, October 15, 2003

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown
Metro Weekly - The cast of six may not be full-fledged pros, but they shine as brightly as any professional troupe in the city. Jim Gruschus is an enormously touching and vulnerable Charlie Brown. When he sings, how can anyone "be as totally, thoroughly, utterly blah as me," emotions well up in us like a water-balloon being filled at a rushing faucet. Chuck Walker is a pert and perfect Linus (and he executes a delightful soft-shoe in "My Blanket and Me"), and Don Garapolo is marvelous as a (literally) larger-than-life Lucy. Eric Belkengren lends a set of gorgeous pipes to the role of the Beethoven-loving Schroeder, though his acting is a little on the rigid side, and Katchke fills things out nicely (makeup notwithstanding) in the thankless supporting role of Patty (she doesn't even get her own number).

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