Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Night of January 16th

Let the Jury Decide
By Samantha Oester
Weekender Staff Writier - The Journal
Thursday, November 9, 2006

This is Walker's fourth show at the Apollo, the last being Seussical: The Musical as Horton. ("I had to gain 1,500 pounds for that role," he jokes). This is his first-ever non-musical show. "There are a lot of lines, and they're hard to remember without a melody," he says of his current role.

Walker says Night of January 16 presents two sides of Rand's philosophies. "There's the take-it-if-you-can-get-it side' that's me. But just because you're a swindler, a harlett or a gangster, it doesn't necessarily mean you?re always guilty," he says. "Then there's the upholding-standards-of-society side' that's Flint."

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